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Peptide Storage

We strongly recommend that you follow these guidelines to ensure that your peptides retain their quality and potency.

ALWAYS allow peptides to come to room temperature before reconstituting with water. This will avoid most cases of peptides becoming cloudy.

Storage of Lyophilised (freeze-dried) Peptides

The peptides we sell come in a lyophilised, freeze-dried form. Like this, the peptides will remain stable for around 30 days at room temperature. If there not going to be used within this time then they must be stored in a freezer at a temperature of around -20c where they will remain stable for approximately 48 months.

Please ensure that your freezer is not 'frost free' or 'auto defrosting' as constant freeze/thaw cycles will degrade the peptides over time.

Storage of Reconstituted Peptides

Once the peptides have been mixed or reconstituted into a liquid solution they must be refridgerated at a temperature of between 2-8c. If stored at room temperature they may begin to degrade after as little as 24 hours. Therefore we recommend storing them in the fridge as soon as possible after mixing. Stored in the fridge they will remain potent for around 8 weeks before beginning to degrade.

If you intend to keep the reconstituted peptides in a fridge for an extended period, many researchers prefer to draw up the peptides into a number of syringes, where each syringe contains a single dose. They then freeze all the syringes and simply defrost one prior to actual use.

For Your Information

  • All our peptides are stored at below -20c until the day of dispatch.
  • Do not shake reconstituted peptides aggressively as this can ruin them. Avoid as much physical trauma as you can once the peptides are reconstituted.
  • Store peptides in sealed containers away from food.