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CJC-1295 (with DAC) 2mg

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    CJC for Research

    Research conducted on CJC has focused on the ability of the peptide to effectively stimulate naturally occurring chemicals in non humans. It also seeks to carry out an analysis of whether or not this kind of interaction can be beneficial. A key advantage of the peptide is that it is able to chemically pair up biomolecules and experience an increase in half life. It functions as a growth releasing hormone and has been developed for the purpose of providing a synthetic hormone that has a longer half life and is more efficient.

    The therapeutic window is in reference to the opportune moment during which maximum growth can be achieved. The product offered is solely intended for carrying out research and should not be consumed by humans. The formation of a peptide is facilitated through a link of peptide bonds. With biconjugation technology the stability of the bond is greatly enhanced.

    CJC is made up of amino acid that is similarly released naturally by the growth hormone in humans. The introduction of CJC-1295 has made a positive and significant impact on the half life of the peptide. More research is still necessary for establishing what the capacity and effects of the peptide are.


    Store lyophilized protein at -20 °C. Aliquot the product after reconstitution to avoid repeated freezing/thawing cycles. Reconstituted protein can be stored at 4 °C for a limited period of time. The lyophilized protein remains stable until the expiry date when stored at -20 °C.

    Source: Biosynthesis


    Product is prepared for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. The product may not be used for other purposes.

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