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About Our Premium Range European (E.U) made Peptides

Our premium E.U peptides are produced to a minimum purity of 99%. In the rare case of an extremely complex peptide such as 'Modified GRF (1-29)' we guarantee a minimum purity of 98%. For example clinical studies and commercial products require a peptide purity of 98% or more. This demonstrates the unparalleled quality of our peptides.

The peptides are produced in a state of the art facility by one of the world leaders in protein mimicry. It is without doubt that these peptides are of the highest quality available anywhere, GUARANTEED!

By having the peptides produced in a facility located inside of the E.U (Euopean Union) we can ensure that strict quality controls are implemented. The facility we work with undergoes routine GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) inspections due to E.U legislation in order to maintain high levels of quality control. It is also ISO 9001 certified.

Why our Peptides are the BEST in the UK, Europe or ANYWHERE!

Free of all contaminants and other impurities. This is very common of cheap peptides produced in substandard facilities.

Our company works at source with our partner manufacturer to deliver the most premium quality peptides for our customers. Our product is unique to us and we do not resell stock bought from other shops like many of our competitors.

All peptides are stored in controlled -20c conditions to avoid any quality degradation.

European made under strict E.U manufacturing regulations.

Minimum 98% or 99% purity on all our peptides depending on complexity. HPLC purification and mass spec analysis performed on every batch.

The most competitive prices for premium quality peptides on the internet. We will price match any genuine premium peptide supplier. If you wish to request a price match please use the contact us page.

About our NEW Range of U.S.A Peptides

Our newest range of peptides. The latest line is aimed at the researcher on a smaller budget who still requires exceptional levels of quality.

Produced in a state of the art regulated lab located in the U.S.A. All peptides are synthesised to a minimum purity of 98%

As standard with all our products HPLC and Mass spec analysis on every batch.